Soone distinguishes itself from other social connections apps by offering real life interactions with new friends and possible love interests. Let’s check the social app out in this Soone review.

Soone- Download to Meet and Interact

Soone is available on both the App Store and Play Store so you can participate regardless of the smartphone model you have. Download is quick, and soon you’ll be faced with a registration form.

Soone is a new alternative to social connection apps that allow people to chat with each other and meet in real life. However, the problem lies in the interaction- not a lot will want to meet in real life scenarios and will often ghost the other, which often leads to a dead end.

The app promises a higher chance to actually do a face to face meeting, with hotspots, intuitive messaging and a safety-oriented matchmaking or friend finder algorithm. Once you’ve established a profile, it’s time to make new friends.

Soone App – The Experience

Catfishing is a thing of the past, thanks to first photo verification. You’ll be required to send in a live photo or something from your photo roll, thus eliminating the act of fooling another person into believing a fake profile or picture.

The app itself is intuitive, and soon you’ll be looking for friends, possible relationships and more. What’s great about Soone is that you can change your profile and preference as needed- you can look for people in the same industry or business and get a chance to network, or look for love without having to create a new profile.

Soone is a relative newcomer, but the app is well-designed and responsive. The ‘hotspots’ is a great idea as it encourages people to meet up to take their acquaintance to the next level.

Should You Download the Soone App?

Give Soone a try if you’re tired of swiping through profiles without getting a chance to get past the messaging. The app focuses and prioritizes establishing real connections and makes it happen using novel features.

Soone users are safe as the profiles are verified and the meeting places are public locations. All in all, the app is certainly worth a download.