MoneyBall Review

MoneyBall: Challenge your Friends to Brain Puzzles is an excellent brain teaser title to make your brain sharper. The various memory puzzles are enjoyable and good for players of all ages, too.


MoneyBall is a puzzler game you can play on the go. Every level is about five minutes or less and requires a bit of brain flexing in terms of memorization.

You’re shown a series of icons for a few seconds. Then, you will need to recreate them by punching in the icons at the bottom screen. Match them up and you can proceed to the next level.

MoneyBall app investment

As you progress through the levels the sequences become longer and more difficult to memorize. You’re rewarded for your efforts, though with in-game MoneyBall ‘money’ you can use in multiplayer mode.

Multi-player mode is a whole new part of MoneyBall. Here, you compete with friends in brain puzzles- the longer you can memorize, the higher your score. Choose your opponent and go head to head and you’ll win extra MoneyBall coins in the process. You also get a chance to climb the leaderboards for bragging rights.


MoneyBall isn’t a graphic-intensive game, which makes it ideal even on lower-end smartphones and those that have small screens. The layout is simple- there’s a sequence that you have to memorize and a series of buttons you can press to recreate the sequence. At the top is the amount of MoneyBall coins you’ve earned.

MoneyBall app game

Controls are snappy and there’s enough visual eye candy to entertain you. As the levels get higher you’ll be concentrating on the symbols instead of the graphics anyway.

Audio has some sound effects to keep things interesting, but it really doesn’t add to the whole puzzler experience.


MoneyBall is a rare title that invests in mind puzzles so its players can sharpen their brain in the long run. It also has a fun aspect in that you can compete with friends for glory.

MoneyBall is free to play, but there are in-game purchases and a VIP feature, which gives you full access, direct messaging to players and in-game rewards. It’s a worthy app to play everyday!

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